Hi Everybody!

I talk about building body wealth all the time on my blog and in my YouTube videos.  So what is body wealth?  I crafted the term body wealth from the idea that we all have an opportunity to invest in our body. We bought equity into homes, we buy nice cars, we beautiful clothes, but when it comes to our body we are body poor.  Many of us (including myself) don’t take the time to build a healthy body and create an abundance of good health. Body Wealth is the idea of creating a rich healthy body filled with physical energy, emotional wellbeing and optimum strength. We accumulate body wealth through exercise, quality nutrition, getting ample sleep, staying hydrated and the list goes on. As a result of building our body wealth we have more confidence, higher self-esteem, an abundance of energy, a healthy mind and body, a joyful spirit and an overall enriched life. Don’t just build equity in your house, build it in your body because that’s where you will live for a lifetime!!

How do you build your body wealth?  What changes have you incorporated in your daily routines to increase your energy, joy, and quality of life?

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Thanks so much for sharing your life with me, I hope you have a wonderful week!


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