Hi Everybody!

I had an interesting experience this week.

I went to yoga class and sat in my usual cross-legged position, getting ready for the instructor to start.  She sat down in front and started to speak to the class.  She explained that she has recognized given the current political climate, hat many across the nation have been expressing feelings of fear, frustration and doubt for many different reasons.  She explained that when she feels these types of negative feelings she always goes back to her yoga discipline.  She explained that practicing yoga keeps her calm, focused and at peace.  I thought to myself that is exactly what I do when I get fearful, frustrated or anxious, I go back to my discipline, I workout. I use exercise to keep me calm, focused and aware.  I also make sure that I especially pay attention to eating healthy so as to not use unhealthy food as a stress relief.  Eating nutritious food keeps my energy high and fuels me to keep going even through stressful times. I hope you all are able to use your fitness and wellness activities decrease any negative emotions.  If you are feeling that you don’t have fitness discipline then I encourage you to join my 3 part webinar series- TRIFECTA, which will be starting the second week of December.  To get more information about this series sign up or updates at www.buildbodywealth.com

Have you been feeling weighed down or emotional lately?  Has anxiety, fear, or frustration left you feeling drained?

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Thanks so much for sharing your life with me, I hope you have a wonderful week!


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