Planks are great for improving core strength which in turn, improves posture and helps improve movement and coordination.

In the video I show a few plank variations that can be done anywhere. 

  1. First get in an “x” plank position; lay on your stomach, arms a little wider than shoulders and legs a little wider than shoulders. Push up fully on your arms and toes, neck and back are straight. Keep back straight and hold that position; you are now in plank position.

  2. From this position pull the right knee in toward the left elbow, then take the right leg back to starting position. Next pull the left knee in toward the right elbow, then take that left leg back to starting position.

  3. Next, while still in plank, lower yourself down to the floor, then press yourself back up to plank.

  4. Next take the right leg and lift up, while keep a straight line; as you lift squeeze the right glute muscle (your butt). Repeat this move on with the left leg

  5. Complete this entire workout 10 times (or as many times as you can handle in the beginning) or do this 3 times, take a 30 second break, then do again with a 30 second break and a third time with a 30 second break

  6. The reps and sets are completely up to you.

 I love this workout because you can do it anywhere, whether at home, in your office or at the gym. It works you abs, glutes, arms and chest.  Give it a try and tell me what you think!

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