Tips on How to Eat Healthy and Stay Fit During the Holidays

Guess what?! The holidays are coming!! Oh wait don’t they come every year?  So I guess it’s not a surprise visit.  On the contrary we know when the holidays are arriving; we know when […]

Preparing Meals in Advance for the Week

Often times people ask me how I’m able to stay sooo disciplined on my clean eating regimen.  The truth is I’m a regular human being just like everyone else; I get cravings sometimes and […]

Protein-It Does a Body Good!!

So early in my weightlifting journey I learned a phrase that still rings in my ear everyday- PROTEIN IS KING!  Oh yes any bodybuilder will tell you that when it comes to building muscle protein […]

Clean Eating – Umm…What is that?

Over the years I had been on various types of diets and actually lost quite a bit of weight.  But after the diet was over and I went back to my regularly scheduled eating […]

Cellucor Red Velvet Protein Pancakes

Watch Tfitnessss make protein red velvet pancakes with Cellucor’s new red velvet cake flavor protein powder.