Sugar is in everything we eat, literally in everything we eat!...CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

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Sugar is in everything we eat, literally in everything we eat!...CLICK TITLE TO READ MORE

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Hi Everybody!! Aloe is a plant that grows in mostly tropical climates and has be used for centuries ...CLICK ON TITLE TO READ MORE

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Ab Challenge April 30th Rest Day! 27-days to Atlanta Carnival Ab Challenge!!

We worked hard for 3 days – going strong on the 27 Day Atlanta Caribbean Festival Countdown Ab Challenge.  Now we need to take a moment to rest our abs!  As you go through the challenge the rest of the month remember these abilicious tips:

Try to get in 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity […]

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BodyWealth & WellBeing: 27days to Atlanta Carnival Ab Challenge!!

AB CHALLENGE: Atlanta Caribbean Carnival is coming May 23rd to Downtown Decatur !! Tiffiny of BWWB will be frontline in full costume!! Join us as we start an ab challenge for 27 days- Monday 4/27-Saturday 5/23! Post you’re before pics and every week post your progress pics on Facebook and Instagram. Tiffiny will […]

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Tips on How to Eat Healthy and Stay Fit During the Holidays

Guess what?! The holidays are coming!! Oh wait don’t they come every year?  So I guess it’s not a surprise visit.  On the contrary we know when the holidays are arriving; we know when the office parties are going to start and the festive dinner parties that friends and family are going to give. […]

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Preparing Meals in Advance for the Week

Often times people ask me how I’m able to stay sooo disciplined on my clean eating regimen.  The truth is I’m a regular human being just like everyone else; I get cravings sometimes and want eat everything in sight.  However the one thing that I learned early on my fitness journey is that food […]

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Protein-It Does a Body Good!!

So early in my weightlifting journey I learned a phrase that still rings in my ear everyday- PROTEIN IS KING!  Oh yes any bodybuilder will tell you that when it comes to building muscle protein is key.  In general, proteins are molecules that consist of interlocked chains called amino acids.  50% of the human body […]

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Clean Eating – Umm…What is that?

Over the years I had been on various types of diets and actually lost quite a bit of weight.  But after the diet was over and I went back to my regularly scheduled eating program ;-) I would of course gain the weight back.  When I finally decided I wanted to get serious about […]

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Cellucor Red Velvet Protein Pancakes

Watch Tfitnessss make protein red velvet pancakes with Cellucor’s new red velvet cake flavor protein powder.

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