Hi Everybody!! So I'm super excited to bring to you a Fitness Vision Board Party Called The New You! Myself along with Zumba and Swim instructor, Ciara Simone as well as author and health/beauty expert, Tiera Nicole will be hosting. Order Free tickets via Eventbrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-fitness-vision-board-party-new-you-tickets-21524239580?aff=efbevent This vision board party is about creating a visual representation of what you envision for your healthy lifestyle. It allows you to define and clarify your aspirations, reinforce them and keep your intentions focused. You can put anything on the board: write out your goals and place pictures with them, the type of healthy food you would like to eat, maybe a picture of someone winning a marathon, etc. Whatever you want in order to achieve your healthy fitness goals, and once you create yours, it’s there to keep you inspired and motivated to move forward in life. So come out, get motivated, and talk to other ladies who are just like you, wanting to improve their lives. We will be in Emerald Office Park, in the back upstairs, you will see balloons and the BWWB sign as well. KISSES!! ~BWWB~