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Fitness Challenge & Free Fitness Group Training at Piedmont Park!

Hi everybody – check out the above video! BodyWealth &WellBeing will be starting a fitness challenge for 4 weeks.  For the challenge BWWB will sponsor free group trainings at Piedmont Park every Saturday starting October 11- November 8th 8am-9am (skipping October 25th  in honor of the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk that will […]

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Walking – The Gateway Drug

Usually when it comes to working out people are not always sure exactly where to start, “Let’s see cross-fit, bootcamps, weightlifting, elliptical?”- sound like you?  Don’t worry we’ve all been there- unsure of how to get on a fitness regimen.  My suggestion is to start walking! That’s it no major overhauls just brisk walking […]

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Protein-It Does a Body Good!!

So early in my weightlifting journey I learned a phrase that still rings in my ear everyday- PROTEIN IS KING!  Oh yes any bodybuilder will tell you that when it comes to building muscle protein is key.  In general, proteins are molecules that consist of interlocked chains called amino acids.  50% of the human body […]

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Clean Eating – Umm…What is that?

Over the years I had been on various types of diets and actually lost quite a bit of weight.  But after the diet was over and I went back to my regularly scheduled eating program ;-) I would of course gain the weight back.  When I finally decided I wanted to get serious about […]

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Cellucor Red Velvet Protein Pancakes

Watch Tfitnessss make protein red velvet pancakes with Cellucor’s new red velvet cake flavor protein powder.

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Proper Push-up

Push-up are a standard for showing a person’s fitness level. Tfitnessss shows you how two variations of push-ups. Practice doing as many per day as possible to build upper body strength, build arms and chest.

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